On nature and subjectivity, non-human subjectivity, on product placement and ecological activism in capitalism, on utopist and romantic ideals within experienced connecivity.

Is there a way to update on the subjective realm where the individual feels torn and separated from 'the natural'? What are the tools that humans are choosing to build a new identity/ society/ world of objects? Are humans colonizing every aspect of tool crafting for a world in connectivity?

These are questions that are Ella Goerner is tracking down in her work.

Goerner's works engage with issues at the intersection of science, economics, culture and technology. With her on-going investigation into these fields she creates a visual commentary on our constructed surroundings.Her current body of work addresses the visuality and placement of eco-innovative products and is investigating prevailing prototypes of corporational structures. She examines eco activism, the power of eco innovation and how the conditions of visuality are changing under the anthropocene.

Goerner (b. 1989, Germany) is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden where she lives and works. Recent solo- and group projects include CURRENT, 1-1 at the Hypersalon, Miami Basel, US; Sustainability & Opportunities at the Konstanet Gallery, EST and After Wilderness at the C. Rockefeller, Dresden, Germany.