I found the photocopier project to be very fun. I enjoyed collaging the images together. I used a canner for this project which was very interesting because I was able t control where I wanted grayscale or black and white and I was also able to control the threshold, contrast, and brightness. That also me to get more variety within my images. I did a study of my hands, using the black and white and grayscale options. I first started off with simple hand gestures with the black and white, putting the threshold at a low setting to get a better contrast. Then after printing my first round of scans, I started to combine the images together, cutting off the white edges, folding pages and putting together another round of scans now using grayscale. I scared my hand again but now it was in grayscale so the effects varied. I noticed that after printing out the edges for all my scans I had a lot of thin white strips of paper so I laid them across the scanner and then placed my precious scans on top of that. This created strange and unique white cut out in my designs. I ended up with three or four designs that i like and once again printed them out. Then, in the grayscale, I used the brightness and contrast to get the perfect effect for my poster. I ended up going with a grainy feel because I liked the texture it was creating. Photocopying is definitely a printmaking technique because it is very hard to get the same type of image if you keep moving around the shapes. There is an immediacy to this printmaking process that allows you to explore more facets.