4.30pm Saturday 18th April 2015

Presentation by Sascha Pohflepp with open Q&A lead by Ella Görner.

"The Whole Earth of now constitutes vast flows? of energy, matter and information, both alive and inanimate. Our spreading of material all over the world, for instance through global shipping, is dramatically rearranging this landscape. What would happen if it ever broke down? Engineered life may be able to synthesize many of the materials needed for our civilization, rendering nature artifice in the process. Will our future global networks become ever more fluid as information supersedes matter and industrial organisms replace the solid machines of the present?"

Following talks/ events will take place from 4.30pm on Saturday 25th April and later in May TBC.

A collection of notes, recordings and images from both the exhibition and discussions will be published online at a later date.

Hashtag: #WECPUNK