The postmodern war has to a certain extent hyper- concentrated -

earlier by the military battlefields times to an anti- cities strategy. As

“ the world of business ,” he has become a monopoly , in which the

former geopolitics of the size of nations has made unexpectedly a

Metro policy domestic terror court, a constant threat which makes

the unarmed population indiscrimi- nately .

De facto , the geo- strategic expansion lost its importance for military ac- tion , in favor

of a metro- strategic concentration , in which the distinction

between civil and military begins to wane - as that between private

and public. Therefore, the occurrence stirred a third type of conflict

According to the “ civil war “ and the “ international war “ now

follows the war against the civilians.

PAUL VIRILIO . THE CITY OF ILLUMINATED . Paul Virilio . “ The overexposed city. “ in : Parliament . October 25, 2004. ( German ) . Translated with Google Translate, 2014