These days when you get sick you get really sick.

You open the text editor and there is nothing there. No functions, no loops, no variables. Left with nothing you feel the clock starting to tick.

We’d rather you not register because after this we won’t need it, pal. The message blares. Your friend said this was supposed to be fun.

“Who can generate that kind of power?” you ask yourself? And sure enough you’re doing light math on your hand, and there is a humming sound though you can’t tell where it is coming from. Soon the temperature starts to range perfectly

Things start to swaddle themselves, until you make it out a back door. It was just in time but now you have another group of people sliding up and down the walls and they seem to have not been fed well.

And then a lighter man he is lit approaches

And this pamphlet he has is great.

Now you’re accelerating your development.

Move to Manhattan! Frequent wine bars! Upload your {REDACTED} to the cloud and liquidate your possessions. Claim a new name.

Cause when you sleep here you really sleep. I’m obese and I’m coming to your area.

Brooklyn left you too. Work with guys doing Monte Carlo simulations and who use seamless to buy groceries. They have great clothes and nicer apartments. Buy us, feed, us,

This all feels like it has to happen.

I can’t taste anything anymore.

Never a place to live but a place to stay in your mind cause you weren’t down with all that.

But, you were.

Now you have your inroad and you’re gonna aggressively take it. But you’ll have a thousand more chances.

You wrote this code so damn well.

The options multiply. It grabs your friends. Circulate your workstations. You’re getting great suggestions. It's smooth. We won’t tell your family just yet.

Sometimes you’ll talk about the old place with your new mates, but its always in a filtered crashcourse mania. Nothing feels self-important any more. Breakfasts are musical, for the most part. Flatmates as soulmates.

You’re a little heavier but, man, fiction never felt so good. And cutie pie, you’re the reason why. Meanwhile it is crazy what passes for Jazz Standards these days.

But now we’ve reach the end. In the grand exhibition it will all be revealed. All participants are staged, each move elaborately intertwined, integrated, functioning, pulsating with life.

Matter is fluid and now you see all the characters, you know each of them in some way and when you don’t their movements make even more sense.

Referral, Paid, Social, or Organic.

Colors never looked like this before. Who is the curator? You finally navigate to a girl with one name who is supposed to give you a press release.

She is beautiful and insane. And then you see her history and it’s all just the greatest use of twee depression schtick and you start to feel elevated in a smoke-filled server room. That it’s raining; it is not a problem. You begin to not feel anything and the fear of this being permanent is more comforting. There has been a new lift. When will these slow down? A new life in fear and new life in digits and homemade paper. Where has this been this whole time? Professors ride special collections registrars in a pit of heathens. There isn’t a screen anymore and you realize you didn’t need to read the docs.

Now this curator is very good. You can’t go to school for this. Should you have gone back to school? You’re getting old now and you can feel the machines around you doing all the work, slipping out of your control.

You don’t know these platforms anymore.

It makes even more sublime, cause this wonderfully orchestrated melange is running all on its own. And you can see her more clearly. “You’re even bigger than I expected” she says, but you’re not sure how to interpret that.

But when the red barn at the bottom of the river starts to get flooded, and when its floor starts to come undone and peel away, slowly, making its way down, eventually, to New York harbor, you fall into the gravel.

The dream of expansion stops. Deny access. Build walls around your museums. Make them climb to see the objects! Decrease the population and slow down the options.

Move out of the way. "make it impossible to stop."