I really do not know how to work digitally so I chose to write a little response instead. I think these photos are so compelling due to its raw, unfiltered nature. In all of these portfolios about war, have prints including images viewers don’t enjoy looking at. Dead bodies, torture, blood and gore is shown in snapshot prints. These prints depict the horrors of war successfully, but due to the subject matter, viewers may not want to spend much time viewing them. I think, this in itself is compelling, that not only the images being powerful and showing the truth, but the fact that these artists devoted an entire portfolio of work to be around a topic so horribly raw. Also, the fact that these are prints, makes them easily mass produced, to show the masses the truth they do not wish to see and try to ignore.

The level of detail in these portfolios is so beautiful, creating little snapshots of the scenes of war. Especially in Callot and Goya’s prints, the etching is so fine and careful, that each stroke has a propose. They created entire scenes, displaying scenes of battle of the war and their aftermaths. For Dix and the Chapman Brothers, their work is more playful, in a way this makes it more sinister and dark. Both portfolios play with the idea of war, creating pieces that are less of scenes of small moments or aspects of the war, which they alter to create a different effect on the viewer. In the Chapman Brothers’ portfolio, there’s weird babies, and lots of smiling, which makes the prints scarier and a lot darker than the other print series. I did enjoy these portfolio the most, even though it made me the most uncomfortable.