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This website uses cookies to collect information to improve your browsing experience. Please review our Privacy Statement for more information. The purpose of the present study was to construct a Sensation Seeking Attention Scale SSAS as a predictive measure of negative sensation seeking by adolescents. Initially, two statistical analyses were performed. A data reduction analysis of the total 60 SSAS items yielded 15 factors. A subsequent second-order factor analysis of ten factors derived from the first 15 identified two distinct factors indicating which items to include on the positive and negative vi sensation seeking portions of the scale.

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Madeline K. Emily Vaughn. Psychologist Ken Carter studies why some people seek out haunted houses and other thrills — even though he's not one of them. For answers, NPR's Maddie Sofia , host of the daily science podcast Short Wave , spoke with the guy who wrote the book on what makes those folks tick. In the book, Carter — a self-proclaimed lover of calm — gets into the minds of a "subset of people who crave stimulation and thrive in environments that would seem overstimulating, even chaotic, to the rest of us. Sofia and Carter discussed the biology and psychology of thrill seeking, what adaptive benefit it might provide and their own levels of thrill tolerance. And in case you're wondering whether you're a true adventurer or more of a couch potato, Carter has a quiz that identifies where people lie along the thrill-to-chill spectrum.

What It's REALLY Like To Date An Attention-Seeker

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Sensation seeking is a trait we all have and includes the search for complex and new experiences. Thrill Seekers, people with high-sensation seeking personalities, crave exotic and intense experiences even when physical or social risks are involved. This course helps learners examine the remarkable world of the high-sensation seeking personality and explores the lifestyle, psychology, and neuroscience behind thrill seekers. The course gave insights into high sensation seeking behavior.
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