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Last Updated: March 28, References Approved. To create this article, 37 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 3,, times. Learn more Silverfish are fairly harmless, but these grayish-blue, serpentine creatures aren't pleasant to have around the house.

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If you've spotted small silver bugs in your home then chances are they're silverfish — a common pest in the UK. Here's our guide on how to get rid of silverfish Silverfish are little, nocturnal insects that can become pests in the home. They get their name from their colour a silvery, grey shade and their fish-like movement, thanks to their tapered tails and antennas. They move quickly, so can often out-run predators, and like to burrow in dark places. Silverfish are harmless enough to humans but they can destroy books, old papers, wallpaper, carpets and clothes with their droppings.

How to get rid of silverfish for good

Those living in Birmingham and the West Midlands are being told homes with damp and condensation could attract the creatures. Homeowners are being warned over an influx of "flesh-eating" nightcrawlers this autumn and winter. Silverfish - thought to be the oldest known pests on the planet - are sweeping the country, reports Somerset Live. Homes are more prone to damp condensation in the winter, because of the big difference between the warm climate inside your home and cold air outside.
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