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After announcing that he will be titling his next album I'm Gay, the Based God received criticism from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and other rappers and even got death threats from fans. But despite all the hoopla, B's album isn't quite as alarming as many suspected it would be. The cover — which was done by the "Wonton Soup" rapper's artist friend Uncle Grumpy — was made from scratch but based off of a s Ernie Barnes painting titled "Sugar Shack. The Based God, however, put a spin on the painting, which depicted a club scene that reflected one of Barnes' childhood experiences. B took the painting and broke it down into three parts, showing the steps that people need to take to reach "mental freedom.

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Portraying himself as homeless and projecting the image of a "street kid", [2] controversy arose when it was discovered that he had been raised and attended private school in Connecticut. Holmes was also later hired by MTV. Camp was popular on the channel, with Rolling Stone saying "An unlikely instant star, he was soon adored by preteen fans, who crowded around him devotedly as he paraded through Times Square in feather boas, leather trousers, sparkly Steven Tyler scarves, and mismatched leg-warmers during his wacky man-on-the-street segments for MTV. Camp also hosted two additional programs of his own for daytime MTV audiences. Camp convinced MTV executives to let him book acts such as Faster Pussycat , Ratt , Sebastian Bach and Dee Snider as guests on his summer series "Lunch with Jesse" at a time when these artists were years past being in rotation on the channel. The album was produced by Rob Cavallo Green Day, Kid Rock and Julian Raymond Cheap Trick, Glen Campbell , and specialized in the s style glam metal that fell out of fashion almost a decade before the album's release.

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MTV's longest-running reality series recently wrapped its 31st season and celebrated its 24th year on the air. Wedged between Sir Mix-a-Lot's video for "Baby Got Back" and Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under the Bridge," viewers fell in love with seven strangers, who were picked to live in a house technically a New York loft , agreed to have their lives taped, and learned what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. The show birthed a generation of wannabe reality stars before that was even a term. However, the reality behind Real World 's production isn't even close to the party they portray onscreen. In the early '90s, Fox enjoyed a lot of success with its young adult dramas Beverly Hills and Melrose Place.
American rap music is an industry ruled by machismo. It is a place where reputations are made by shady pasts, the aura of violence and ultra-masculinity. But now an explosive new book is lifting the lid on one of hip hop's most unexpected secrets: that many people in the business are gay.
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